About Call Yachol

About Call Yachol

About Call Yachol

It's (c)all about people

Who Are We?

We believe that Societies are measured by their ability to empower their weak, not by how they strengthen their strong. A chain is after all, only as strong as its weakest link.

“Call Yachol” (CY), is the first company of its kind in the world, that specializes in call center outsourcing services, where most of the employees are people with disabilities. The company was founded in February 2008 by Dr. Gil Winch and Efrat Segev Winch whose vision was to revolutionize the employment of people with disabilities in Israel and in the world. CY was founded as a social business, never distributed dividends and the highest salary in the company is less than 4 times the lowest.

Establishment and History

The Idea of CY started when Gil became aware of the unexplained chronic unemployment of people with disabilities in Israel and indeed, the world. Gil wanted to start a company staffed and managed primarily with people with severe disabilities, in order to prove that people with disabilities can achieve regular productivity and subsequently prove that they deserve a place in the regular job market. Gil spent four years building an operating managerial model, “Links”, in order to cater to the specific needs of chronically unemployed, disabled people. Gil choose the call center outsource industry in order to start his business, for two main reasons. The first is that the high employee attrition rate in the call center industry creates a match between people with disabilities’ need for employment and the call center industry’s constant need for employees. The second reason is that operating in the highly measurable call center industry, would enable Gil to prove that people with disabilities can actually achieve regular productivity.

Current Status

As of 2019 there are 230 employees at Call Yachol, two thirds are severely disabled (75% disability in average), and the other third are from excluded populations – Arab women, single mothers, people over 60 and ex-cons. All of the company’s employees earn regular market wages. The employees arrive from all over the country, some even commute two and a half hours in each direction, and still – come in with a smile. Employees are aged 18 to 80+ and come from a variety of Israeli ethnic and other groups: Jews, Christians, Muslims and Samaritans, straight and LGBTQ, religious and secular. CY operates out of four different sites, located in Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and the Dan region. Three of the sites operate call centers that provide the full range of call center services such as surveys, messaging, customer service etc. In addition, there are two teams working in logistics. Our services are available in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.