Call Yachol's Management

Call Yachol's Management

Founder and CEO – Gil Winch

גיל וינש - תמונת ילדותגיל וינש - תמונה עדכנית

Family background: Gil was born with his identical twin Guy. He is happily married to Efrat and the father of two grown girls. Takes care of two dogs with a lot of love.
Academic Background: Gil has degrees in special education and psychology, a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a doctorate in psychology. All degrees from Tel Aviv University and all with honors. He is also a graduate of Advanced Hypnosis course (US) and military training in trauma therapy.
Business background: Gil has worked with the largest companies in the Israeli market as an organizational consultant for 15 years. In 2001 he founded Tandem – an organizational consulting company. In 2008 he founded Call Yachol.
Loves: History, archaeology, science innovations, running, watching athletics competitions, Vizsla dogs, social justice and most of all – making his daughters, his wife, his sibling and Call Yachol employees happy and thrilled.
Motivations: “Leave the room (the world) tidier than it was when I entered it”

Owner and Lioness – Efrat Segev Winch

אפרת שגב - וינש - תמונת ילדותאפרת שגב וינש - תמונה עדכנית

Family Background: Efrat was born in Kibbutz Afikim, happily married to Gil and mother of two perfect daughters.
Academic Background: Efrat graduated with a degree in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. Unrelated to her or her life today …
Business background: Efrat worked in human resources and manpower, after working for five years as an El Al flight attendant. She has been the lioness of Call Yachol since 2008. The lioness at Call Yachol protects her cubs – meaning all employees.
Loves: Shows about Birth, Baby Boom, Baby Boom England, Baby Boom France, Baby Boom Chechnya … you got the idea. Besides that, she loves everything to do with arts and crafts – stained glass, mosaic and sewing amongst others.
Motivations: Helping her employees deal with their life problems in order to enable them to focus on starting their jobs with a clean slate. She is often referred to as “mom”.

VP Marketing & Sales – Eyal Haliva

אייל חליווה - תמונת ילדותאייל חליווה - תמונה עדכנית

Family background: Married to Meytal who also works in socially oriented companies and NGO’s, and father of Lior and Ido .. they are his whole world.
Academic Background: Bachelor of Social Sciences and Humanities from the Open University, Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technological College.
Business background: Eyal has held various managerial positions in the call centers industry since 2001, with extensive operational, marketing and managerial experience at the national and international level. He has been with Call Yachol since 2011.
Loves: soccer, traveling, vacations and good restaurants, connected to his extended family and connected to his city of Beer Sheva (3 Soccer championships in a row, quite an achievement 😊)
Motivations: To create employment opportunities for people who were previously unsuccessful at the attempts to gain and keep a job for an extended period of time. Their excitement on the first day is a flow of social oxygen.

VP of Service and Operations – Pnina Anshel-Targan

פנינה אנשל - תמונת ילדותפנינה - תמונה עדכנית

Family background: Pnina was born in Kfar Saba. Happily married and a proud mother of 3. Today they live happily in the charming Alfei Menashe.
Academic background: Pnina has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration.
Business background: Pnina has extensive experience in the call center industry, and for the past 20 years has managed complex divisions and systems in outsourcing, insurance and communications companies. Pnina specializes in service, sales and technical support, and excels when dealing with data analysis and complex measurement systems.
Loves: First and foremost – her magnificent children and her supportive and talented husband. other than that, to read, do sports, plan vacations (and then take them, of course …).
Motivations: Identify the latent potential in each person and do everything possible to help them bring their potential to the fore. When people succeed in leaving their shell and start to really grow, Pnina feels what she describes as ‘pure happiness’.

CFO – Anat Yakir

ענת יקיר - תמונת ילדותענת יקיר - תמונה עדכנית

Family Background: Happily married to Roy, mother of Omri Maya and Sivan.
Academic background: CPA with a Master of Business Administration, a second Masters in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and a BA in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University.
Business background: Worked as CFO of various companies, for the past four years she is the CFO of Call Yachol.
Loves: Sea, Books, TV Series (Game of Thrones, Money Heist, anything but reality), Cinema.
Motivations: “To help Call Yachol realize its vision and be at the forefront of employing people with disability.”