Gil Winch |

The enterprise was founded by Gil Winch, a clinical and organizational psychologist who worked with the biggest companies in the Israeli economy for over 15 years. In 2001 he founded Tandem Consultants, an organizational consulting company. A few years later, after learning about the severity of unemployment among people with disabilities in Israel, Dr. Winch began researching and developing a unique managerial model that could bring about a profound change in the employment of people with disabilities. In early 2008, Dr. Winch founded Call Yachol, a free Market social business that hires primarily chronically unemployed individuals with severe disabilities, as a proving grounds for his model. To date, his unique managerial model has enabled the return of hundreds of chronically unemployed severely disabled individuals to the workforce, helping them reach full productivity and allowing them to earn regular wages in a free market job.

Gil Winch | Founder

Efrat Segev Winch |
External Relations Manager

Efrat Segev Winch – the “lioness” - manages the company's external relations, including interfacing with charitable organizations, social and business organizations, institutions, and relevant individuals. Efrat is also responsible for helping employees with work-related issues such as making the work environment accessible, and with a range of personal issues such as accompanying and supporting employees who encounter legal  or financial issues.

Efrat Segev Winch | External Relations Manager