Call Yachol, the first company of its kind in the world, specializes in setting up outsourced call centers staffed mainly by people with disabilities. The company was founded in February 2008 by Dr. Gil Winch and Efrat Segev Winch whose vision was to revolutionize the employment of people with disabilities in Israel. As of 2016, the company employs 200 people with physical, emotional, and sensory disabilities, making it the biggest employer of people with disabilities in the Israeli open market and in the world.


Company History


Call Yachol was founded in 2008, as a potential solution to the problem of very high and chronic unemployment among people with disabilities in Israel. The company decided to focus on outsourced call centers because doing so addressed a complementary need in the call center market-extremely high employee turnover (ranging from 60% to 100% a year). These attrition rates mean that companies who operate call centers need a stable and professional solution, one that guarantees excellent service to their customers, while reducing the costs of recruiting and retaining call center staff. Call Yachol provides answers to both of these issues - the employment needs of people with disabilities, and the needs of the call center market. Tandem Consultants, Dr. Gil Winch’s organizational consulting company, created a unique managerial model to assure the company's employees and managers meet their regular business and social targets. This breakthrough managerial approach has been validated in the company's everyday operations and proved incredibly successful.


The Role of Professional Consultants in the Company's Success


'Tandem' Consultants provides both training and support services for the managers and employees of Call Yachol. Tandem has accompanied dozens of call centers over the past decade, and has acquired considerable experience in this field, which has allowed them to develop the breakthrough behavioral and managerial models that have lead to Call Yachol's success.

"Your pioneering company is a shining example of a social start up" - President Shimon Peres 2011
Bat El -Customer Service Rep.