Hospitality Center

Visitor Options

  • A meeting with the company's CEO or VP - including getting to know the social business model, the reasons behind the launch of the project, the challenges of a first-of-its-kind business, including a description and details of the activities and successes of the company and its employees at the end of the lecture and film. Duration of the meeting - two hours.
  • A tour of the company's facilities - seeing a number of the adaptations and changes to accessibility made to suit a wide range of disabilities. Length of tour - half an hour.
  • A fascinating meeting with company employees - hearing the personal stories of employees who after many years or for the first time in their lives, have found not only employment and a livelihood but also camaraderie, belonging, and satisfaction. During the meeting, Call Yachol employees will describe their process of career rehabilitation and integration into the company, from when they were first accepted to the present. Length of meeting - half an hour.
  • Conversation with call center and team managers, who describe and discuss the challenges facing them on a daily basis in their different and unique managerial tasks. The daily routine at Call Yachol combines "regular" business targets with the personal difficulties of the employees that result directly or indirectly from their disabilities. This situation presents managerial dilemmas that are not found in any other business. Length of meeting - an hour and a half.


Visits and meetings are suitable for a range of management, social and business objectives

  • Showing employees and/or managers the proven success of creative thinking.
  • An open, frank and enjoyable encounter with employees coping with various disabilities, helping to dispel preconceptions about disability and joie de vivre.
  • Examining the range of adaptations made, as part of thinking about a similar process in organization or company on the tour.
  • A managerial compensation generating considerable interest and openness among managers asking themselves how they, as managers and as organizations, could adapt their workplace to the employee rather than the opposite.


There is a charge for the tour, used for the company's welfare activities.

Before or after the activity is possible to use the boardroom or training, including a projector and amplification equipment.


To arrange a tour or for further information, please contact us at: telephone: 03-7701500, or leave your details on the ‘contact us’ page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dorin and Jasmine