Our Employees

Call Yachol employees come from different backgrounds. Their ages range from 18 to 65 and they represent a rich tapestry of religious, cultural and geographic  diversity from all corners of the country.


What they all have in common is excellent verbal and written expression skills, dedication and motivation to provide pleasant and efficient service, commitment and loyalty - both to Call Yachol and to the company for which the service is provided.


The range of disabilities of the company's employees is also very wide, and includes sensory, physical and mental disabilities.


The company's service representatives go through a recruitment and selection process appropriate to the position for which they have applied. During the selection and training process the work environment is adapted to the personal needs of each representative. For example, someone who is partially blind will be helped by large screens, software for people with impaired vision, and suitable lighting; the hard of hearing will have special earphones and an amplifier; and so on.


Call Yachol employees remain in their jobs over time. The turnover rate for service and sales representatives in the company is very low. This figure is particularly favorable relative to the call center field, in which employee attrition is a huge problem.


Thanks to their length of employment, as well as their commitment and motivation, the company's service and sales representatives achieve excellent results and meet their targets.


Those employees found to be suitable for advancement move to development and training tracks and are promoted to management positions in the company.

Our Employees