Intake Process

If you dream of a challenging job with good work conditions and the possibility of advancement; if you want to work in an exceptional work environment that is adapted to suit all types of disabilities; if you are looking for a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere that promotes openness and allows you to be yourselves – the Call Yachol call center could be the place for you.


Call Yachol is a free market company that provides telephone call center services to leading companies in the economy, which has set itself the goal of employing people with all levels of disability.

We recruit employees according to our customer's needs, train them to meet the demands of the job, and take care of whatever administrative and technological needs they require (such as special software for the visually-impaired), so as to create an ideal work environment. We do whatever it takes to ensure that our employees can fulfill their maximum potential.

The positions we offer are intended for people of all ages who are interested in telephone work with computers in the field of service and sales.


It is possible to work 3 – 4 shifts a week, depending on the  client and the position.

The call centers are in Rishon Lezion and Ramat Gan, and employees come to work independently.


Job requirements:

  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Familiarity and the ability to work in a computerized work environment.
  • The ability to learn new content worlds.
  • Responsibility and diligence.
  • Flexibility with regard to work hours (mornings, afternoons, evenings and Fridays).
  • There may be other requirements for specific positions.


The intake process:

  • Resume submission. 
  • Each candidate who submits a résumé will receive a telephone interview to make an initial assessment of suitability.
  • The applicants that pass the phone interview are invited to a one on one interview with a member of the recruiting team.
  • Selected candidates will be called in for a conversation with the designated manager, to get an impression of the call center and listen in to calls between representatives and customers.




Training requirements vary according to the position, and may take a few days to a couple of months.


Conditions and Opportunities for Promotion:


Salaries are commensurate with those offered at other telephone call centers in the free market. Employees also receive reimbursement of travel expenses and full social benefits.

As a young and dynamic company, the opportunities for promotion at Call Yachol are varied, and suitable people will be promoted to management positions.

Service and Sales Reps
Service and Sales Reps