1.Who is my direct employer?

The employer is Call Yachol, and our employees provide service to other companies (Pelephone, Bezeq International, Leumi Card, and others), under a full working relationship with Call Yachol.

2.What types of disability does the work suit?

Work at our call centers suits a wide range of disabilities, including impaired sight, impaired hearing, physical and mental disabilities. For technological reasons that are not under our control, it is not possible at present to make adaptations for the blind (reading software or braille).

3.I receive an allowance from the National Insurance Institute that I don’t want to lose. Can I still work?

Yes, today the Laron Law allows you to earn an income as well as receiving an allowance. The allowance is gradually reduced from a certain level of salary, and in any event it is more worthwhile to work and receive an allowance rather than not work and only receive the allowance.


Details about the Laron Law on the NII website: click here

Disability allowance calculator under the Laron Law: click here


4.How many days and hours a week do you have to work?

The minimum requirement is four shifts a week, 6 to 7 hours each. You can also work full-time.

5.There are regular days when I cannot work. Will you be able to take this into account?

Yes, as far as possible. We are aware that our employees may have certain restrictions, and try to take this into account wherever possible.

6.Are there any social benefits?

Of course, there are social benefits as set out by law.

7.Is Call Yachol a sheltered enterprise?

No. Call Yachol is a commercial business in every respect. We meet business targets and compete in the open market.

8.Are there possibilities for promotion?

Yes. Call Yachol is a young company, with a wide range of possibilities for promotion. Our aim is to promote employees from the company to management positions.

9.Does Call Yachol provide transportation to the training course or call center?

Call Yachol does not provide transportation. Employees have to make their own way to the training center and workplace.

10.Do employees receive reimbursement of travel expenses?

Yes. Call Yachol employees are entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses as is customary in the market.

11.Do you have to pay for the course?

No, we do not charge for training, and we pay a full salary during the course.